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Offices these days are not merely places where people go to work and earn a living. They are considered a status symbol in society. The bigger the company a person works for and the more swanky his office is, the more his prestige is in society and the more people respect him. 

Working in a swanky office has many benefits for employees as well as the organizations they work for. The more sophisticated and stylish an office space is the more self-esteem the employees working in it will have. 

Swanky office spaces instill a sense of professionalism, excellence, and responsibility in the minds of people working there. In this article, we’re going to have a detailed discussion of the importance of having a modern and stylish office layout for businesses. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the topic.


Importance of selecting the best office design for your business

Given below are the most profound benefits of adopting Ergonomic office layout solutions. After reading them, kindly try adopting a swanky layout for your office space as it’ll give a multitude of benefits to your employees as well as your company. 

Enhances your employees’ self-esteem

If your office looks modern, stylish, and admirable, your employees will have a sense of pride in working in it even if your company is only a startup or a mid-sized company. That elevated self-esteem will enable your employees to come up with more creative solutions to business problems, enhance their productivity, and induce a sense of ownership in their assigned projects. 

Enhances your employees’ productivity 

If your office is fully furnished and facilitated as well, your employees will be able to perform their business tasks without a hitch. They’ll also be able to relax by various means like drinking coffee, enjoying your garden space, swinging on a swing, playing table tennis, etcetera when they are stressed out. 

As the saying goes, “A happy employee is a productive employee”. Selecting the best office design will give obvious and subtle benefits to your company both in the short as well as the long run. 

It will serve you in many ways 

By the term ‘swanky’, we mean an office space that looks modern and stylish. It should obviously have other essential and non-essential amenities like stylish lighting, ACs, fans, elevators, power backups, conference rooms, individual office spaces, projectors, microphones, whiteboards, markers, dusters, beverage and water dispensing machines, table tennis tables, chess boards, carrom boards, garden spaces, swings, security, maintenance staff, surveillance cameras, parking lots, fire squad, etc. 

All these facilities will enable your team to perform every aspect of their business operations without a hitch and will even enable everyone in the complex to breathe easy and relax in times of stress. After all a person can only think and act calmly and effectively if there are no hindrances to him or stress on him. 

Free Wi-Fi will improve your team’s connectedness and coordination

Many people these days consider the availability of a free Wi-Fi connection to be a hallmark of a big company and a swanky office space. Modern railway stations and airports in India offer free Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Many globally popular brands like Starbucks, Ascott, IHG Hotels, etcetera offer free Wi-Fi connectivity at all their outlets which is of great convenience to people and augments brand reputation and goodwill. 

Your team can also use the free Wi-Fi connectivity at your office complex to conduct online team meetings, share data, and coordinate with their subordinates, colleagues, or superiors, and look for relevant information on the internet. Good coordination and clear communication are a must to complete any project successfully. So, kindly take care in this regard. 

Gives a good impression to your clients and/or customers

As the saying goes, “The first impression is the best impression”. If you set up a swanky and fully facilitated office for your business, it will make a good impression on your clients and/or customers and will heighten the credibility of your brand. 

Customers and/or clients will begin to trust in your brand’s quality and that will lay the foundation stone for your brand’s growth/expansion in the future. Even today, there are a few businesses that don’t realize the importance of making a good impression on their clients and/or customers and keeping them happy throughout their journey with them. So, kindly don’t make that mistake and show people the credibility of your brand by setting up swanky and fully-facilitated office spaces for it. 

Our Take

Customers and/or clients are the fulcrum of any business in the world. Therefore making a good impression on them, building credibility and trust, and keeping them satisfied throughout one’s journey with them is of paramount importance to any company. There’s no better way to get off to a good start in that regard than building swanky and fully-facilitated office spaces for your brand. 

Swanky and fully facilitated office spaces will give many obvious and subtle benefits to your brand in the short and long run. They will enable your employees to perform their business operations without a hitch, coordinate closely and remotely to complete projects successfully, elevate their morale and self-esteem, and help them relax in times of stress. You must surf the internet to get office space planning tips that will help make your office spaces space-efficient and swanky. 


  • Why is it important to have a good office space design?

Swanky and fully facilitated office spaces enhance your employees’ satisfaction and productivity thereby reducing their absenteeism and attrition. 

  • What is the most important aspect of a good office design? 

The most important aspect of a good office design is its visual appeal. Apart from having fancy lighting and ACs in your office space, you must also focus on it not looking cluttered with furniture or wires. 

Arrange the items of furniture appropriately in your office space such that there’s plenty (or at least adequate room) of room to move around. Also, try to have as many wireless devices in your office space as possible. The presence of too many wires doesn’t look good and also puts off many people. 

  • What are the factors to consider while choosing the lighting for your office space? 

You must choose the lighting for your office space in such a way that it looks modern and stylish and serves its purpose. The lighting that you choose for your office space must appropriately fit the space available and should not look too big or too small. 

Additionally, it would be even better if your office space is well-ventilated and allows for a lot of sunlight and breeze to flow through it. Nobody likes to be working in a small, cluttered, and stuffy office space. A lot of people have also become claustrophobic these days. So, care must be taken in this regard. 

  • Is there any rare facility that people would like in a swanky office?

It would be a tremendous advantage to you if your office space had sound-proof walls. Employees do not like other people to hear it when they’re being yelled at. It would also be a great advantage to you if your official discussions were kept private. After all, any official information is always private and confidential. Miscreants can misuse your confidential official information if they get wind of it. 

  • Who should I consult with regarding having a swanky design for my office space/s? 

Once you have understood the importance of optimizing workspace layout for productivity, you can approach these top 5 office interior designing companies in India to get tailored office layout options that will bestow myriad obvious and subtle benefits to your employees and company in the short and long run. They are Phi Designs, Morph Designs, Studio Lotus, Add India Group, and Lipika Sud Interiors Pvt. Ltd. 

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