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Office Space for Rent in Bangalore


Bangalore Office is a corporate leasing real estate service company which helps you buy, rent and sell offices in Bangalore. We are a trusted and expert firm when it comes to providing the right office for our clients and their businesses. We know our customer needs, and we are aware how to satisfy them. A real office space is a significant factor for work satisfaction as it leads to success. People spend hours in their office spaces, whether it’s behind the desk or out for recreation. That’s why feeling comfortable, happy and active with one’s professional space is vital. So, we have taken the responsibility to provide our clients with the best business solutions regarding corporate, professional firms and institutions.

With Beautiful, Office Spaces Comes Great Success. Connect with NOW to start the hunt for the office of your dreams!



CORPORATE SERVICES assists you to find a suitable business centre in Bangalore to expand your business network. Bangalore being the silicon valley of India is the hub of successful startups and budding young entrepreneurs. We help you reach greater heights of success with professional office spaces.That’s why we clearly understand the needs of young entrepreneurs and businesses and have taken an oath to help in setting up workplaces and business centers in Bangalore.



We have a broad range of commercial office space leasing services in Bangalore. Corporate rental is one of the core features we provide our clients. Providing a suitable office space for your business is a challenging, yet vital task. Our expert team efficiently takes care of every cumbersome legal formality of getting the perfect office space for your business. Our primary intention is to provide our clients with best deals for office spaces in India, fitting for their business ideas.



Every business is dynamic as it keeps changing with the trends and customer preferences, in retail leasing. That’s why entrepreneurs must be responsive while targeting market, complementary products, community brands, convenient accessibility and competitive strategies as these factors play a crucial role in determining the location of the retail outlet. Our sole aim is to create client profitability to keep up with the changing trends. And, we thrive on achieving the goals we commit to!



We assist investors in making business decisions that simultaneously cultivates progress. As we maintain a high level of transparency with each investor, we know the security and safety demand. We understand our client needs inside out. As we are experts at analysis, we take a detailed account of the financial security that enters the cash inflow sources. This includes investment strategies, and goals, assets other than securities as well as the proposed liquidity and capacity to take risks by a client. We make the whole process of finding an office space, hassle-free and quick!



Transaction management is a vital task. It ensures better real estate appraisals, the status of occupancy and ambitious resources. We provide customized Business Transaction Management services that meet client aspirations. We help them make right and practical decisions by partnering their management and convenience services departments. We help our clients reduce the operational expenses by channeling a raised value of shareholders. Simply put, we provide holistic and innovative solutions for all your business problems!



We provide unique graphic services for our clients to help them handle transactions with a professional touch. That’s why, we guarantee quick, superior and relevant services to the customer. Moreover, we an approved team of experienced and expert people driven by determination and result oriented work. We strive to serve our clients with the best deals viable in the market. We render incredible professional assistance regarding commercial leasing, which raises our podium when as compared to other consultants in the city.


Furnished Office Space for Rent in Bangalore

Furnished Office Space for Rent in Bangalore


Bangalore is a bustling hub of entrepreneurs, startups and businesses. Being the silicon valley of India, we are experts of what we do for budding the people and firms that trust in us. We understand your requirements. That’s why, we can help you in set up your dream workplace using our advanced business centres in Bangalore. We are here to help you make the best and right choices for your business so that you can reach the heights of success. Bangalore is the best place to develop your business. That’s why the city is flooded with startups, IT companies, and millennial with innovative business ideas. To cut the story short, it also brings a massive demand for offices on rent, buy or lease. Today, the superfast metropolitan lifestyle of this city offers enormous opportunities for an extensive variety of businesses. Our team consists of adept management consultants and experienced real estate professionals proficient in their work. Most importantly, they portray proofs with a thriving history of exceptional client competent services. Our services and consultation will not cost you a paise. We sincerely strive to help you sans obligations to find your dream office space added with smart savings. Our process starts with assessing the business needs of the client and identifying the best properties. We will even negotiate the deal to create a custom quote for your needs. In short, we make the process smooth and quick to find a tailor-made office space made for your business!

Choose The Office Space You Desire

We have a wide range of choices for our clients. All you need to do is, choose an office that you want to rent, buy or lease. And, we will help you to choose the best deals out there. Now get your dream office tailor-made to meet your business needs!

Proceed And Fill In The Details Or Just Give A Call Us

After choosing the office, if you have any questions, concerns or queries, you can write us right away. All you need to do is fill in your name, email, mobile number and your message. That’s all! We will help you to choose nothing but the best office as well as add-on services for your business to grow.

Rest Is On Us

Our services and consultations charges are null. In short, you get free consultation! We will help you find an office space that perfectly fits within your business ideals. Moreover, we have worked with hundreds of clients and know what you need, exactly. Choose Bangalore Office, Choose Smart Business Solutions!

How We Help Your Business Grow in Simple Terms

Offering an office culture and ambiance is vital for work satisfaction amongst staff, which propels your business success. Most office goers spends hours at their working desks or cabins working in boring offices, all their lives. We offer the freedom to break free from the box and think like an entrepreneur. Moreover, we strive to provide our clients with unique business solutions for corporate firms, individuals and institutions. The secret proven by many successful firms is employees work better in a pleasant office environment, adding to your profits! The smoother communication channels between employees lead to fresh and new ideas. When your staff is motivated for work in a positive setting, creativity is born. We cover office markets. Our team lists the best management consultants and real estate professionals. When you sign up with us, you get expert with proven job records to build your dreams. Above all, you get it all for free! We help you sincerely to find your dream office space at the best deal. The process is simple. We start with sketching the business needs of the client to create a shortlist of the best properties viable. Above all, we condense the sophisticated process of finding office spaces to make it quick and contoured for your officing needs!


Co-Working spaces are gaining popularity these days. Nowadays, finding offices furnished with the complete list of amenities your company needs to run. It’s a common working place where everyone works individually, yet together. People work under the same roof with independent goals. Moreover, Coworkers exchange valuable resources and ideas with productive collaborations at shared offices. Here, companies can help and support each other and help in growing together.We know you invest in office plans with a focus on creative business experiences. That’s why co-Working spaces or shared offices offer the best offices for businesses in the modern world. We will help you cut down costs by providing a plug and play office space fitted with the necessary amenities. Our office space features the best settings for emerging businesses as the advanced infrastructural facilities offer seamless business opportunities via valuable contacts!



Mohammed Tasleel

Mohammed Tasleel


BangaloreOffice is the inception of Mohammed Tasleel. He is our mastermind and key developer of commercial real estate properties in Bangalore. Simply put, Mohammed invented the cogwheels of our business!

Dileep K

Dileep K


Dileep K


Dileep is our key operations officer who manifests our ideas. He is a creative and innovative person, always bustling with startling ideas for businesses and startups to save up on commercial rental spaces. Simply put, Dileep made the cogwheels of our real estate business!

Asley Braison Dsouza

Asley Braison Dsouza

Transaction Management

Asley Braison Dsouza

Transaction Management

Our head of Transaction Management, Asley is handles our financial and economic growth as a real estate business. He is the go-to-go guy to get things done. Simply put, he gets our real estate cogwheel moving!