The Essential Features and Amenities of a Modern Office Space 

The vast majority of the people in the world are working-class people who spend the majority of their time every day in their office spaces. An office is not just a place where people go to work to earn money. 

These days, it is also considered the status symbol of a person in society. The more facilitated and swanky a person’s office space is, the greater his status in society and the more people respect him or her. 

In this article, we’re going to have a look at all the essential features and amenities a modern office must have to make working more convenient and comfortable for an organization’s employees.

Trending workplace amenities 

Following are the convenient facilities that a modern office space must have to make working convenient for employees and to make them feel a little more at home.

A lot of room for movement

Not so long ago, many office spaces had little cubicles where employees had to adjust their things and work. While it is possible to adjust one’s things and work in little cubicles, small office cubicles can make some employees feel claustrophobic. 

It makes many people feel less important than they are. Navigating to convey information to people in an office space is also more difficult with many small cubicles in the office space. 

Having a large modern office space that offers a lot of room for movement will not make people feel congested or cramped. Instead, it will ease movement and communication for employees and make them feel a sense of pride in working for a big organization.

Fancy lighting

Fancy or swanky lighting is a smart office technology that you must have in your office space. Swanky or fancy overhead lighting makes office spaces look modern and hi-tech. It also augments employees’ pride in working for an organization. Lighting is after all a fundamental necessity in office spaces. 

Dimly lit office spaces can sometimes put your employees in a dull mood and make them more lethargic. Dimly lit office spaces also make it more difficult for your employees to do their work.  

Kindly ensure that your office space is well-lit with overhead lighting and that the windows in your office space have blinds instead of curtains so that your employees will be able to better adjust the amount of natural sunlight that comes in. This subtle office interior design makes the world of a difference to the morale of the employees.


Bright and vibrant wall paint colour

This is one of the agile workplace features that you must have in your office space. Very often office spaces have a uniform white, yellow, or cream (brownish-white) ordinary paint on their walls. While these colours are not disturbing to one’s eyes, they cannot give one a feeling of vibrancy and energy. 

Paint your office walls instead with bright colours like saffron, yellow, leaf green, cyan, etc. using emulsion paint. That little attempt at modern office decor will add vibrancy to your office space and make your employees feel a little more enthusiastic about doing their work. There are many texture designs now available in emulsion paints that can add more beauty and design to your office space. 

Heating and cooling solutions

The temperature in any place on Earth is bound to vary with the seasons over a year. Therefore, your office space must have adequate room heaters and ACs to heat up or cool down your office space as required. 

There are some smart devices these days that are a combination of ACs and room heaters. Once you set a temperature in them, they will heat up or cool down your office space until it comes to the set temperature. Temperature regulation in your office space is essential to make your employees feel comfortable while working. 

Uninterrupted internet connectivity

A fast and uninterrupted internet connection is indispensable for office spaces. An internet connection is one of the state-of-the-art office facilities required for your employees to browse the internet and gather information related to their official tasks. 

Your employees will also need a fast and stable internet connection to conduct virtual online meetings to collaborate with other employees to get official tasks completed. Your internet connection needs to be fast and stable (of high bandwidth) to be of use to your employees. It also needs to be highly secure to be able to protect your sensitive official data from hacking and phishing attacks made by hackers with nefarious intentions. 

Modern office decor

This facility is not vital but its presence will beautify your office space and make it more interesting. You can have many well-framed portraits and statues in your office space that either depict the events pertaining to your organization or beautify your office space. Office decors make your office space beautiful and interesting. They may be one of the motivations for your employees to attend office regularly.

Kitchen and dining area

It is quite natural for your employees to get peckish while they’re doing their work. Therefore, it would be of great convenience to them if your office space had toasters, coffee and tea vending machines, snacks and beverage vending machines, etc. Having a kitchen and dining area in your office or even a dedicated canteen on some floor will heighten your employees’ satisfaction and thereby enhance their productivity. 

Seating and sleeping amenities

Your modern office space must have adequate sofas, couches, and a dedicated sleeping room to enable your employees to work comfortably, socialize, and even take some rest when they’re feeling tired or sick. The presence of seating and sleeping amenities in your office space will make your employees feel more at home and up their productivity. 

Stationery items, projectors, and whiteboards in conference rooms

Conference rooms are where important meetings are held and important business decisions are taken. Without meeting rooms, your staff would not be able to liaise with other staff to get official work done or keep track of your company’s performance. 

Therefore, the meeting rooms in your office space have to be well-facilitated with the required stationery items (like dusters, whiteboard markers, laser pointers, etc.), projectors, and whiteboards to enable smooth business operations.

Power backup

This smart office technology is essential for the smooth functioning of appliances in your office space. Your employees will begin to feel hot or cold if your ACs and room heaters stop functioning even for a few minutes. 

More importantly, the computers in your office need an uninterrupted power supply to function smoothly. If they lose power, the important and sensitive official information stored in them will be lost, which will be a great loss for your company. 

Our take

Office spaces are prestige symbols for people these days. They are no longer considered just places where people go to work to earn money. The more modern and facilitated a person’s office is, the greater his prestige in society and the more sought after he or she becomes. 

People who work in big and fancy office spaces do not hesitate to show them off to their friends or relatives. Swanky and well-facilitated office spaces enhance employees’ pride and satisfaction and make them more productive in the long run. Therefore, it is advisable for you to have an employee-centric office design.  


  • What are a few things apart from amenities that augment employees’ satisfaction at their workplace?    

A litter-free office space, beautifully carved furniture, and clean bathrooms are the things apart from amenities that augment your employees’ satisfaction at your office space. 

  • What are the security features indispensable to an office space?

A security personnel stationed outside your office complex, secure locks for doors, surveillance cameras, and cyber security are indispensable security features that you need to secure your office complex from theft and secure your sensitive official data from hackers. 

  • What storage facilities are vital inside an office space?  

Well-furnished desks with drawers to store files and stationery items, cupboards to store books, and shelves to store other items are vital storage facilities required for your office. 

  • Which rare smart office technology absolutely delights employees?

Sound-proof office cabinets are something any employee looks forward to as you would like to keep your official discussions private and no employee likes other employees to know when they’re being yelled at. 

  • Which are the top 5 office design agencies in India?

Phi Designs, Morph Designs, Studio Lotus, Add India Group, and Lipika Sud Interiors Pvt. Ltd. are the top 5 office design agencies in India. 

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