March 2019

Is Coworking Space Safer For Women

Is Coworking Space Safe For Women?

BangaloreOffice takes conscious efforts to ensure the safety of women. With the recent outbreak of the MeToo movement, people are now more aware of how difficult it can be for a woman at a working place. Though such incidents rarely occur in a coworking place, the company doesn’t want to get complacent and wants to do its bit to make it as safe as it can be for women entrepreneurs. There are several...

Anchal Andrews

Interview: Miss Anchal Andrews – In a Quest to Make Office Space for Women Entrepreneur

Office Space for Women Entrepreneurs in Bangalore BangaloreOffice has this habit of doing extensive research on how we can be a better office space provider. We interact with entrepreneurs and business leaders all the time. In this article, we are bringing you one of such interactions, which we had with Miss Anchal Andrews, CEO, and Founder of SkillMaker Consultancy Private Ltd. Let’s hear from her,...

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