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Interview: Miss Anchal Andrews – In a Quest to Make Office Space for Women Entrepreneur

Interview: Miss Anchal Andrews – In a Quest to Make Office Space for Women Entrepreneur

BangaloreOffice has this habit of doing extensive research on how we can be a better office space provider. We interact with entrepreneurs and business leaders all the time.

In this article, we are bringing you one of such interactions, which we had with Miss Anchal Andrews, CEO and Founder of SkillMaker Consultancy Private Ltd.

Let’s hear from her, how we can make our spaces the best for women entrepreneurs.

Q. Tell us a bit about SkillMaker

A. SkillMaker has various service offerings including,

  • Learning and Development,
  • Leadership Coaching,
  • 5S Consulting,
  • HR Consulting,
  • Employee Engagement,
  • Financial Literacy

Celebrities and highly experienced professionals have signed up with SkillMaker to deliver excellence for Clients. People make an organization… and more so for Learning and Development. As the Founder and CEO of SkillMaker Consultancy Private limited, it is my key responsibility to ensure corporate governance.

Q. Tell us a bit about your achievements

A. Some of my accolades are in becoming the following:

  • Fellow Member of the Chartered Management Institute incorporated by the Royal Charter in the UK
    Finalist for the Stars of Business Awards – Middle East in Professional Services.
  • Author of Beyond Front line Excellence about Spirituality in Business for Front line Professionals published by Partridge a Penguin Random House Company. The first in the globe to publish on this subject for Front line Professionals. (Available on Amazon and other platforms in paperback and e book).
  • Owned SkillMaker Training Services in Dubai – UAE and recently established SkillMaker Consultancy Private Limited
  • Lead Trainer of corporate employees on Soft Skills, Leadership and Frontline Process for franchises such as Bentley, Bugatti, McLaren, Mitsubishi, Chery, JAC, Royal Orchid, Soy, Curry Culture, The Tap House, and many more
  • Master of Science in Strategic Human Resource Management from University of Roehampton – UK on scholarship.
  • The youngest owner of a Soft Skills Training Company within UAE from 2013.
  • Interviewed and written articles for the following publications:

 FHRAI Magazine – India

Gulf News – Middle East

India Post – launch paper in the Middle East during the Golden Brick Awards

Ministry of Health Magazine – UAE

Professional Manager Magazine – UK

Women Entrepreneur Connect – India

Q. As someone who tries to scale up emerging markets through change and development initiatives within businesses and with emerging leaders, what is your advice for young entrepreneurs?

A. Be a Learning Leader. Believe in yourself whilst being open to change. The distance between good ideas and becoming a true Leader is planned and effective execution.

Q.What prompted you to quit from working in an MNC and start your own company?

A. Who decides when it is enough for me? I do. So; I gaged that I was ready for Plan B and this is what prompted me to quit from working in a Large Organization and start working in SkillMaker. There is a Plan C as well that will help me leap into a platform, I ultimately see myself on.

Q. How do you compare the startups of India with others you have seen around the world?

A. Startups in India are hopeful and tolerant. There is a definite gap to meet, in terms of geographical behavior, towards work. Lack of exposure will limit Startups while the west leans towards the east for business needs. The world is truly global and National Startups can explore beyond boundaries. Frankly, I do believe there will come a time that Startups will be absorbed by large firms and some will become large firms over time themselves. The concept of Startup will be obsolete when the shift in economy shall take place. If at all, these will be far and few. But that is a long way ahead…

Q. Why should young entrepreneurs consider taking coworking spaces?

A. Coworking spaces, for young and budding entrepreneurs, are a place to start big missions. The organizational values budding entrepreneurs communicate while in a coworking space are professionalism, ability to work in groups, confident of business goals, integrity in dealings, fair in communities and more. The future of business is no more about purely chasing bottom lines but about shared values in organizations that will deliver those bottom lines as well. Coworking spaces facilitate an environment to stand amongst a crowd yet stand out.

Q. Do you think coworking spaces are here to stay in India?

A. Such spaces are here to stay for the transition of a business from small to large. However, some mid-size organizations also use coworking spaces since it is convenient for certain work cultures.

Q. How safe is a coworking space for a woman entrepreneur in India?

A. It is not about gender but about overall security. There are startling figures that suggest that not only women, but security for men is also at risk in India. I confirm coworking spaces with the right tiers of security would be the sought over spaces to have distress-free, shame-free and hassle-free occupants.

Q. What can we expect from you and SkillMaker in the near future?

A. Plan C! Generally taking client organizations to a state of transcendence with effective change initiatives thereby developing people (including myself) to meet greater objectives.


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