Multiple Office Space Options

We deliver feasible multiple office space options to fuel your company’s growth and progress.

Every inch of office space matters, because it can either cost you or save you money!

As a growing company you might require various office spaces in different places and in different formats. Whether you are a large enterprise looking to bring in the hybrid work place model or a funded start-up looking to grow beyond your current work place – we have a solution for your every need! Our expertise in long-term property management and leasing will aid you in choosing the right office space based on your stage of growth and your current growth needs.


We apt at keeping track of the changing work space dynamics and the resultant change in commercial real estate space. We deal with different kinds of office space options -(1) Single Location Office Space Solution, (2). Multiple Location Office Space Solution, (3). Flexible & Co-working Space Solution, (4). Managed Work Space Solution

How do we execute

Understand Co. Vision

Confirm Operational Growth

Asses Office Need

Provide Suitable Options

Execute Plausible Solution


Advantages with Bangaloreoffice

  1. Our ability to provide customized work office space solutions, consistently.
  2. Provide smart yet long-term solutions to suit your operational needs.
  3. Experts at delivering a single location or multi-location office space solutions.
  4. Develop and execute feasible flexible office solutions.
  5. Deliver office space solutions as per your brand, growth and budget requirements.

What customers are saying

I recommend BangaloreOffice Advisors to any Corporate who require office space in Bangalore. While handling our account they clearly understood our requirement and delivered more than what was expected.
by Sharat Khurana
Finance Head, Inmobi
The highly professional and knowledgeable team at BangaloreOffice Advisors gave us the optimum solution for our office space needs. They sourced options at strategic locations with the most competitive rent.
by Hari Krishnan,
General Manager Admin, , Team Lease
BangaloreOffice team proved to be very competent and well organized while handling our work. We never had any hidden surprises with them and they always had a contingency plan in place in a critical situation.
by Anuradha Sheshadre
Admin, Teranetics

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