What are the different ways to find office space in Bangalore?


Finding office spaces in Bangalore can be a true nightmare if not done smartly. In a bustling and fast-paced city like Bangalore, where every other building is a commercial building, it becomes very difficult to find a space for your office according to your budget and preferences.

Coworking office spaces have gained popularity in the last decade. These offices prove to be a boon for the seed companies. 

In this decade, we have various options when it comes to office spaces. Apart from using conventional offices, people are looking out for other alternatives. We will help you scout office spaces in Bangalore and take a look at all the options available in the market.


The variation of working spaces

  1. Business park- Typically, a business park comprises numerous office buildings, each dedicated to a specific company.
  2. Conventional offices- These are the typical and conventional offices that have separate sections for lounge, meeting room, conference halls, etc. They are usually leased and are exclusive to use.
  3. Coworking offices- These offices have numerous companies working under the same roof, each under their own designated tables or cabins. The concept of coworking offices has gained popularity and is widespread in Bangalore.
  4. Virtual office- It is a virtual office that can be used to connect to your team members. 
  5. Cabin office- Instead of indulging in a big leased space, the companies take a cabin and work with their team and that concise space.

Renting a working space in Bangalore can be a daunting task. Now that we have completed our discussion about the different kinds of offices, let’s find out the various ways which can help us to find an office space in Bangalore.

Some tips and tricks to help you find an office space in Bangalore:

Finding office space for your business is a tiresome task and thus few things should be kept in mind before settling the lease terms.

  1. Location- One should always be mindful while choosing a location for their office. Things like the distance from the nearest metro station, ease of access, and transportation facilities. 
  2. Budget- Always make a proper calculation of your funds before looking out for offices. Setting up an office in a prime location can be hard on the pocket and thus might disrupt your budget. Make sure that you are looking for something that suits your budget.
  3. Facilities- Before sealing the deal, be mindful of the facilities that will be provided to you. 
  4. Read the lease thoroughly- Always make sure to read the lease thoroughly. Many times, the lease has terms and conditions written which we don’t see at first but later becomes a problem. Beware of any loopholes.
  5. Beware of the broker- If you are looking for places through a broker, make sure that you don’t pay a heavy amount in the name of “advance booking” and always ask for a receipt.

Ways to locate office space in Bangalore

There are a few sites that list various office spaces. By customizing the area, you can find office spaces according to your preferences. Here are some of the sites:

  1. Magicbricks- All you gotta do is visit the Magicbricks site and set your location to Bangalore. After setting up your location, from the top bar, you can select the “Commercial” option. Selecting this option will show all the available options. Customize the budget and you are good to go. 
  2. Instantoffices- As soon as you visit the website, you will be asked to set your location. Setting up your location in Bangalore would take you to the page where all the properties will be listed. You can customize it according to your preference and the results will pop up in no time. 
  3. CBRE- CBRE lists all kinds of properties. They include individual properties to commercial properties. All you gotta do is filter out all the preferences you need. Majorly, leasing properties are listed on this site. 
  4. PropReturns- This website is solely dedicated to the leasing of commercial buildings. One can find office spaces according to their budget and requirements here. 
  5. BestOfficeFinder- As the name suggests, this site enlists all the available property options. All you gotta do is input your location, filter out your preferences and you can get a list of all the potential places that can be your next office.

The above-mentioned sites will help you buy a proper office space. You will be required to pay for the lease and the respective amount that might be required.

However, in order to get an office in a coworking space, you can check out these websites which provide coworking offices. 

  1. BHive- BHive is a fully functional coworking office solution that has offices in various parts of the city. Instead of paying for the whole area of the office, you can pay only for those parts which you will be using. The prices vary according to the requirement. From a table to a personal cabin, you can rent it out all here at reasonable prices on a monthly basis.
  2. WeWork- WeWork is another coworking spacing solution that is both affordable and easy on-pocket. With basic amenities and premium features, you can rent out the place on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. The offices are decked up with exotic features that will keep your teammates motivated and focused.
  3. Wolfpack- With customers like Deccan Herald, BBC World News, and many more, Wolfpack is the perfect coworking solution for you. Located at premium locations, the offices are fancy and comfortable. The prices vary with different options. 
  4. Novel Office- If you are looking for an office that gives both aesthetic vibes and has all the facilities, then this might be the best option for you. The office offers hot desks, private cabins, dedicated tables, and other options and charges as per service. 
  5. Kafnu- Being located on MG Road makes Kafnu the best coworking location in Bangalore. With lush green decorations and a beautiful interior, this place is ideal to keep you motivated and high on energy to work all day long.


Searching for commercial real estate in Bangalore can be a task where a lot of things need to be kept in mind while finalizing a space for the office. However, there are a few ways by which one can easily find office spaces. 


  • Do online sites charge money for finding office spaces?

Usually, the sites that enlist these offices don’t charge until an agent is involved.

  • Can I find affordable office spaces?

Yes. All you gotta do is filter the maximum rent that you are willing to pay.

  • On what basis do they charge money?

The individual offices can be charged as per square feet and the coworking offices are charged as per your requirement.

  • Can we find office spaces in Indiranagar?

Yes. You can filter your location and find office spaces in that location.

  • Are coworking spaces better than individual offices?

Yes. Coworking offices are cost-efficient and good for anyone who is not ready for a long-term commitment to a certain place.

  • Can I rent on a monthly basis?

Yes, you can rent on a monthly basis but only in certain offices, most of them sign a lease which is a minimum 3 months long.

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