10 of the Best Coworking Spaces in Bangalore


The concept of Coworking Spaces

Bangalore hosts numerous coworking spaces but what exactly are these coworking spaces and where did this concept come from? It is very debatable when exactly coworking came into existence. 

Some allege that it started in Berlin, Germany in the year 1995 and others say that it started in the year 2006. We can eventually say that it started and eventually kept growing and has now become a global concept. 


The benefits of working in shared offices

There are numerous benefits linked with shared offices. Bangalore is decked up with multiple coworking offices and there’s a reason why people are into the idea of coworking spaces. 

The startups and small businesses usually run low on funds and have few investors when they start. In order to save the cost of leasing an office and adding up more to the already limited funds, entrepreneurs really like the idea of shared offices. 

Here are some of the benefits of coworking spaces:

  1. Cost-effective– Leasing and buying an office is something that takes a lot of money and is financially straining for a small business. The coworking offices are easy on the pocket and can be rented according to your preference. They can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. 
  2. Flexibility of working space- If you have a workforce of 7 people, you can go for a working table that can accommodate 7 people instead of leasing a whole office with a capacity of 50 people for those 7 people.
  3. Motivating environment- When you are working in a restricted and limited space, your growth also remains limited. Working in a coworking space can help you stay motivated. 
  4. Meeting people from different niches- As you start working in a coworking office, you will encounter people who come from different backgrounds and this diversity will help you learn more and make new contacts. 
  5. Common lounge- Working continuously for 6-7 hours can get hectic and can reduce your output to a great extent. Most of the coworking spaces in Bangalore have a leisure area where you can sit back and relax, play games, and just chill.
  6. Making a mark for your company- Associating your startup with a good working place will help you make a name in the market as well and it will leave a good impression on your clients.
  7. Gives the employees a sense of security- Working with a proper office gives the employees a moral boost and a sense of security.

Best coworking office spaces in Bangalore (along with rates)

Bangalore hosts an impressive number of startups. In the initial days of these startups, it is difficult to hunt for separate office spaces. In order to tackle this problem, the concept of coworking came up. 

As Bangalore is known as the hub of startups, here is a list of affordable coworking spaces in Bangalore.


This coworking platform has 7 hubs around the city of Bangalore.

The work hub is functional 24×7. It has the following facilities:

  • Air conditioning
  • Cafeteria
  • Meeting room
  • PCs
  • Hardware facilities
  • Cleaning and Sanitization
  • Games Zone and much more

It has various options that are affordable starting from INR 7,500/- per month and is flexible. 


WorkHome offers you that comfort and an environment to work. They have their property in Koramangala which might suffice all your official needs.

It offers the following facilities:

  • Air conditioning
  • Personal locker
  • Projector
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Cafeteria
  • Whiteboard


IndiQube has 10 locations across Bangalore. 

It offers the following facilities:

  • Coworking Bay
  • Air conditioning
  • Break free Wifi
  • Floor pantries
  • Reception Desk
  • Executive Lounge
  • Access control management

You can check out their pricing which is present on their website.


It is another affordable option that starts from INR 5,000/- per month. This coworking space is luxurious as well as comfortable and fulfills all the needs.

It offers the following facilities:

  • Air conditioning
  • Cafeteria
  • PCs
  • Lounge area
  • Parking
  • Pantry
  • Scanner/Printer


UrbanVault is an affordable option available for all those who are looking for budget-friendly office spaces. The office is equipped with all the necessary facilities.

The facilities they provide are as follows:

  • Air conditioning
  • Breakfree wifi
  • Parking
  • Cafeteria
  • Lounge area
  • Hardware

Gopalan Coworks

Gopalan Coworks has its offices in a prime location in Bangalore. It is decorated with various facilities at affordable prices.

The Gopalan Coworks office is detected up with:

  • Parking space
  • Security 24×7
  • Parking
  • Hardware facilities
  • Storage space
  • Events

Clayworks Create

If you are someone who loves to work around nature and the natural environment, this might be the perfect solution for you. With lots of mango and pomegranate plantations, the ambiance promotes work constructively.

Clayworks Create has the following facilities:

  • Air conditioning
  • Storages
  • Workshops
  • Open courtyard
  • Environment friendly 
  • Cafeteria 

Clayworks starts at INR 6,999/- per month. 

Luxurious Coworking offices in Bangalore

If you are a well-established startup and looking for a little spice of luxury, here is a list of some of the most luxurious coworking spaces in Bangalore. It gives you a touch of royalty and recognition which sets you apart from the others.

  • Wework- If you are looking out for something that gives off a business lounge vibe, this might be the best option for you. Themed in beige and maroon, this place not only gives off aesthetic vibes but also attracts brilliant startups and businesses. The cost of Individual desks ranges from Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000/month and the Private office spaces range from Rs 19,300 to Rs 20,500/month.
  • Wolfpack- No matter how intimidating the name sounds, this coworking space is ideal if you want to get an office in the heart of the city. The working space is business class with rich facilities making it the first choice of premium startups. You can book a working dest ko INR 10,500 for 25 people per month. The prices can go up to INR 1,20,000 for a private cabin per month.


  • BHive- BHive has various offices in the prime location in Bangalore. From parking to security, they have everything for you. The attractive yellow logo attracts numerous startups and has been a host to big companies like Myntra.
  • The Executive Centre- As the name suggests, this is an executive coworking space with premium facilities. The offices are located in some of the premium locations of the city. The prices start from INR 20,000 per month and vary according to your requirements.
  • Novel office- Novel offices are other high-end coworking offices that are spread all across Bangalore. With all the basic coworking space amenities, this office has other facilities as well. 

Comparison between Bangalore and other cities’ coworking culture

Coworking culture prevails all around the country of India but why is the working culture of Bangalore so famous and attracts entrepreneurs from all around the country as well as the world? What sets it apart?

The government of Karnataka has some amazing policies for all the startups and small businesses which attract them. The seed of Bangalore becoming an IT hub was sown long back. The fruits of the hard work of the government are apparent as it has emerged as the hub of the IT department thus, the name Silicon Valley of India.

Bangalore also hosts some of the best coworking spaces with unparalleled facilities. If we look into the statistical side, we find that 45% of unicorn companies in India are based in Bangalore. 

The reason lies in the deeply integrated ecosystem that helps these companies sustain. The investors, the startups as well as the talented workers can all be found in one place i.e., Bangalore.


Coworking offices can be a solution to various problems. Bangalore hosts numerous coworking offices that have gained popularity since the last decade. These coworking spaces provide the solution to financial stress, bringing forth a more motivated team.  


  1. Do we need to sign a lease in order to get a table at these working stations?

No, all you need to do is sign up and pay for your membership. 

  1. Do we need to bring our own devices while working here?

Yes, you can bring your devices. Some coworking offices also provide PCs but you need to pay for them.

  1. Is Bangalore the only place that hosts these coworking offices?

No other cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and others also have coworking offices.

  1. Can we book an office for a single day?

Yes, you can book an office for a single day in these coworking offices.

  1. Are the fees for every office the same?

No, the pricing differs according to their location.

  1. Do they provide free food and wifi in these offices?

The wifi charges are mostly included in the base fees and to buy food, one needs to pay money.

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