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Coworking Rules for Staff When Renting Shared Office Space

Coworking Rules for Staff When Renting Shared Office Space

Businesses that share their office also follow many etiquettes and rules to work together in harmony. Being mannered boosts the productivity of your business as well as that of the others. Today we will teach you the right coworking rules for staff when working in shared office spaces in India.

Coworking Rules for Staff When Commercially Renting in India

Coworking Rules for Staff When Renting Shared Office Space

When you follow certain etiquettes around the shared office space, your coworking office remains aptly maintained. If you’re a startup or business renting a shared office space in India, introduce coworking rules for staff ASAP!

1. Avoid Borrowing Things from Others

When you’re sharing an office space with other brands, it is important to be self-sufficient. The office is not like your home. Borrowing anywhere is a sign of dependency. Always equip your private facilities in your office so that your staff doesn’t have to disturb other workers around the shared office space.

Ensure that your stock is up to date before the office starts. You can also make a quotation and add it to the bulletin board such as ‘Don’t Borrow’.

2. Don’t Breach into Others’ Private Space

Another prominent mistake seen with staff first time in shared office spaces is the lack of boundaries. When you’re in a coworking office, it is important to set boundaries as well as respect the boundaries of others.

If there is a room with barred entry, avoid going in. Do not move or slide your chair to bask into the private space of other workers around you.

3. Avoid Littering the Coworking Space

Often forgotten in coworking offices in India, you must avoid damaging the facilities you’re given. Always take care to clean up after when you’re dining in the office and make sure your cabin or desk is neat when you leave the office. Always use a trash can or dust bin and avoid snacking inside the office.

Most offices provide free coffee and chai. You must not exploit these resources or damage it. Cleanliness in an office space proves the coworking etiquette followed in that office.

4. Don’t be aloof from Business Minds Around

Networking and socializing with other businesses is a boon you must use when sharing offices in India. In coworking offices of Bangalore, networking offers profitable collaborations from neighboring businesses too. However, you must also ensure that your networking is not a Ponzi scheme or promotion to sell your products that disturb others.

5. Avoid Personalizing or Renovating the Office Space

Coworking office spaces are covered under the agreement of rent. Staff must not personalize or customize the office as multiple businesses share the same space and facilities. Personalizing the office space might also breach the contract, if unaddressed or neglected.

Always provide a detailed orientation to your staff so that they avoid wasting or damaging the shared resources.

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Coworking Rules for Staff When Renting Shared Office Space

When you’re using a plug and play office, there are many etiquettes to avoid breaching the coworking agreement or contract. Create an etiquette list for your shared office to orient your staff with the right coworking rules today.

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