List of top 11 managed office spaces in Bangalore


Starting with a small business? Still in the primary phase of your business? Looking out for cost-efficient and already managed office spaces in Bangalore? We might be able to help you with our top-picked managed offices in Bangalore.  


What are managed offices?

Managed offices are nothing but huge office buildings consisting of numerous small businesses. The majority of these businesses are startups, small businesses, seed companies, and all small-scale working forces. 

These offices are decked up with numerous basic and leisure facilities. They comprise working tables, hot desks, conference rooms, projection rooms, cabins, lounge areas, entertainment rooms, cafeteria, etc.

What facilities do they provide?

Managed office spaces come with numerous benefits attached to them. Here is a glimpse of the facilities that are provided in the managed offices. 

  1. Furnished Office Space: Managed offices come fully furnished, with desks, chairs, and other essential office furniture, so you can move in and start working immediately with your team members.
  2. Internet and Telecom Services: Managed offices typically offer high-speed internet access and phone lines, ensuring you have the connectivity you need to run your business. High-speed internet is crucial for work and managed offices have got it all. 
  3. Utilities and Maintenance: Rent in a managed office often includes the cost of utilities (electricity, water, heating, and air conditioning) and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about these expenses. 
  4. Meeting and Conference Rooms: Most managed offices have meeting and conference rooms equipped with audiovisual equipment, which can be booked as needed for client meetings, presentations, or team discussions.
  5. Kitchen and Break Areas: These spaces typically include kitchen facilities with coffee and tea, as well as comfortable areas for breaks and relaxation.
  6. Security: Managed offices often provide 24/7 security and access control systems to ensure the safety of your workspace.
  7. Cleaning Services: Regular cleaning services are usually included in the package to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.
  8. Printing and Copying Facilities: Managed offices often have printers, copiers, and scanners available for your use.
  9. IT Support: Some providers offer on-site IT support to help with technical issues and ensure your business runs smoothly.
  10. Flexible Lease Terms: These spaces often offer flexible lease terms, allowing you to scale up or down as your business needs change.

List of managed offices in Bangalore

A city like Bangalore has abundant managed offices. We will look into some of Bangalore’s leading office space management companies. Here is a brief list of top-managed workspace providers in Bangalore. 

  • BHive workspace- BHive has numerous workspaces in the city of Bangalore. The largest work office is located in HSR layout. It is fused with various amenities. The managed office by BHive is under the name of HoneyKomb.

The facilities are:

  1. Board rooms
  2. Unlimited wifi
  3. Outdoor space
  4. Event Space
  5. Air conditioning
  6. F&B Space
  7. 24/7 security
  8. Parking


  • The Executive Centre, UB City- This is a premium working option. The Executive center offers an office space with a breathtaking view. The property will keep the team members motivated and determined. Surrounded by soaring high buildings, this infra is a catch. 

Facilities they provide:

  1. 24/7 office access
  2. Adjustable Standing Desks
  3. Pantry
  4. Collaborative open spaces
  5. Dedicated desks
  6. IT Support services
  7. Lockers
  8. High-speed Wifi


  • NextcoWorks- NextCoWorks has multiple offices across the city of Bangalore. They provide a luxurious working experience to their clients. Designed with modern infra and work work-driven mindset, this workspace will keep you in high spirits.


  1. High-speed internet
  2. Air conditioning
  3. Kitchen & Pantry
  4. Lounge
  5. Parking
  6. Hardware access
  7. High-speed internet


  • GoodWorks CoWorks- The managed offices of GoodWorks CoWorks have numerous office sites located in all the prime locations of the city. 


  1. High-speed internet
  2. Lockers
  3. Ergonomic chairs
  4. Dynamic business lounge
  5. 24/7
  6. Gadgets and equipment supported


  • WorkHome- With a palette of warm colors, this working space is set to give you that Homely feeling in the chaos of the work. This managed space in Bangalore is a premium experience. 
  • Attic Space- Attic space is located in the important corporate sectors of Bangalore. They help businesses to thrive with all the facilities they provide.
  • Smartworks- Located at 8 prime locations in Bangalore, Smartworks provides premium solutions to all your problems. 
  • Innov8 coworks- Make all your work-related dreams come true here. This managed working office is a spacious and innovative area. 
  • iKeva- iKeva provides customized designed managed offices that align with your requirements. These offices are dedicated to the influx of creative ideas and innovation.
  •  IndiQube- IndiQube is a tech-driven, tech-integrated, and business-driven workspace. 
  • Regus- Regus is one of the world’s largest providers of flexible workspace solutions and has multiple locations in Bangalore.


Managed office spaces in Bangalore offer flexibility, fully furnished setups, cost savings, prime locations, and a range of services. They facilitate networking, support services, and customization, making them an attractive option for businesses seeking a professional, adaptable workspace in a dynamic and evolving market.


  1. What is a managed office space, and how does it differ from traditional office leasing?

A managed office space is a fully equipped and serviced workspace that is ready for immediate use. It differs from traditional office leasing because it provides flexibility in terms of lease duration and often includes amenities and services like furniture, internet, and utilities.

  1. What are the key benefits of choosing a managed office in Bangalore for my business?

Key benefits include flexibility, cost-effectiveness, access to essential services, prime locations, and the ability to focus on your core business activities while the management takes care of workspace logistics.

  1. How does the pricing structure work for managed office spaces in Bangalore?

Pricing varies based on factors such as location, office size, and the level of services provided.

  1. Can I customize and brand my managed office space to align with my business identity?

Managed office spaces often allow customization within guidelines, enabling businesses to create a workspace that reflects their brand identity.

  1. Are there any security measures in place to protect my business and assets in a managed office?

Yes, managed offices typically include 24/7 security and access control systems to ensure the safety of your workspace and assets.

  1. Do managed office providers in Bangalore offer flexibility in lease terms to accommodate changing business needs?

Yes, many managed office providers offer flexible lease terms, allowing businesses to adapt office space to their changing requirements.

  1. What amenities and services are typically included in a managed office package in Bangalore?

Managed office packages often include amenities such as reception services, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, cleaning services, and access to shared areas. Specific offerings may vary among providers.

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