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5 Stunning Best Office Spaces in Bengaluru

5 Stunning Best Office Spaces in Bengaluru

Bangalore is home to India’s third-biggest center for High Net Individuals (HNI). No wonder, Bengaluru is awarded the top commercial realty space in India for five years without fail. We ranked the top five best office spaces in Bengaluru to invest in based on what makes it the Silicon Valley of India!

Top Best Office Spaces in Bengaluru 

Office spaces in Bengaluru are not all jaw-dropping, but some offices are. From LinkedIn to Flipkart, we compared the best office spaces in Bengaluru. These are not your single-floor offices with a million tiny cabinets. Top office spaces have state the luxury and facilities that are shocking and might make you lose your current job!

1.      Freecharge

Source: Glassdoor

After a recent shift, Freecharge has transformed its office into an artsy workplace. The office is artistically designed with theme colours of the brand with a focus on relaxation spaces. The online payment giant of India, Freecharge office has five meeting rooms. Started in a 2 BHK room in Bangalore, Freecharge Bengaluru office is set on 22,000 sq. ft.

Freecharge Bangalore office has mind-blowing Relaxo Booths, Huddle Capsule, Cafeteria, Thinking capsules to luxury couches and lounges, to make the office lively.

2.      LinkedIn

Source: Glassdoor

The massive office of LinkedIn in Bangalore has a completely unique decor. The ergonomic and spacious office space is customized with inspiring slogans to thinking cabinets. The two-floor office integrated American and Chinese furniture.

You can find a music room, yoga room, gym, shower room, and even a sleeping room at LinkedIn Bangalore Office. Added with, FREE food, ice cream corner, fruit, and fresh juice corners, the LinkedIn office is a hit amongst the IT demographic of Bengaluru!

3.      Snapdeal

Source: Office Chai

Here’s where creativity truly takes a huddle! Snapdeal’s office space in Bengaluru is mesmerizing, if not jaw-dropping. The office space is fully customized with artsy interior décor, bamboo chairs, trippy ceiling works, and greyscale artworks.

The office is well-structured and has a state of the art hospital, library, spa, gym, and food court inside. Snapdeal Bengaluru office also has lounges and beach chairs to cut stress at the office!

4.      Razorpay

Source: Razorpay

Well designed with two soundproof silent rooms to work in peace, Razorpay has raised the levels of office space décor. Decorated with a theme of simplistic designs with geometrical patterns, Razorpay office stands on an 11,000 sq. ft. plot.

The office is sans partition for everyone except the developers. It is set in an open space with comfy lounge chairs all around the office. Added with sleeping rooms, complete with a bunk bed, Razorpay has one of the best office spaces in Bangalore.

5.      Flipkart

Source: India.com

Everything from Star Wars to Sholaay come to life in Flipkart’s Office Space in Bangalore. Set in Cessna Business Park, Flipkart Office hallways resembling athletic tracks with the Olympic logo in the backdrop.

From colour to space, Flipkart’s office is cleverly designed to create a creative office space. The office is complete with a library and mini golf. The creative lighting and artwork, as well as the simplistic décor in Flipkart’s Office Space in Bangalore, will make you feel outta the world!

The Real Estate Expert Says …

5 Stunning Best Office Spaces in Bengaluru

One of the cosmopolitan hubs of India, Bengaluru is also the IT Hub of the east. Investing in an office space property in Bengaluru is wise. Consult with a Real Estate Expert NOW!

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