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Renting the perfect office space in India is turning tougher and tougher. If you’re just starting out on finding that dream office for your business, we can help you. Everything you need to know about office space for rent in Bangalore from Pros plus Cons of ‘Leasing’ and ‘Renting’ to Benefits and Types of Office Spaces in Bengaluru is simplified into a ten minutes read. It can help you set your business quickly with zero hassles, we bet. Get started RIGHT AWAY!

Boasting upwards of 1700 startups, Bangalore is also the second fastest growing city in Asia on the Global Startup Rankings. It is hailed as the Silicon Valley of India because Bangalore offers widespread advantages for business developers, entrepreneurs, startups as well as established business. You will find hundreds of global corporate moguls with offices for rent in Bangalore.

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Benefits of having office space in Bangalore

Bangalore offers the best weather to talents and resources you never thought possible. Before you finalize on where to set your business in India, assess why the successful choose office space for rent in Bangalore the most!


Great Location and Connectivity

Bangalore is popular as the IT Hub of the East since decades. For multinational companies and corporate giants to setup offices in Bangalore, the reason is its strategic location. Bangalore is well-connected to all parts of the country via air, rail and sea. Moreover, Bangalore offers seamless connectivity with the rest of the world via International Airport ranked one of the busiest in the World. Besides, the transportation and infrastructural facilities in Bengaluru offers great connectivity for trade within the city.


Flexible Laws and Tenures for Office Space Rentals

From renting offices and rooms by the hour or day, Bengaluru offers varied types of office rental options. You will find up to 17 SEZs (Special Economic Zones) in Karnataka, out of which 12 are in Bangalore. Startups thrive in Bangalore due to the flexible legal restrictions on new businesses if you ‘Make in Bangalore’. Moreover, with easy to register portals for startups from Government of India, getting your business on feet is easy when in Karnataka. Start hunting for office space for rent in bangalore now!

office space for rent in bangalore

Establish/ Relocate your Business with Ease

When you’re starting a new business, Bangalore is one of the best cities in India to checkout. It offers a wide range of options for rentals as well as collaborations, unlike other cities in India. Moreover, you can start in the heart of Bangalore than anywhere else in India because it is easy to find consenting traders that fit your needs.Office spaces around Indiranagar, Whitefield, Koramangala, Old Airport Road and Bannerghatta are located in close proximity to clients and customers. It cuts the toll on relocation expenses as well as establishing your business from scratch.


Grow your Business Like the successful do

Bangalore is ranked 15th on the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, one of the top 20, ahead of Sydney and Toronto. It is the only Asian City after Singapore with the highest market reach of 20. Bengaluru boasts the second highest growth index of 4.9 ahead of London (3.3) as well as New York (1.8); but, behind Berlin at 10. Boasting ground-breaking new startups like Swiggy and Dreamstarts, Koramangala in Bangalore is home to many successful ventures. One of the best benefits of B’Glore is its rich history of making innovative businesses succeed.

Options available for Office Space rentals in Bangalore

When you’re renting an office space in Bangalore, you’ve diverse options from coworking offices to fully furnished offices and independent offices to choose from. You must decide on the right office space after assessing your needs and the options you have.

office space for rent in bangalore

Coworking Office Spaces

When you rent an office by desks in Bangalore, the type of service is coworking office spaces. Coworking office spaces are often referred as shared desks because you share the office with multifarious companies and individual professionals.

office space for rent in bangalore


When you rent the desk in a coworking office by the hour, week or day, you are provided a flexible seating, subject to change based on availability.

office space for rent in bangalore

Dedicated Desk

When you rent exclusive desks in a coworking office, they are allotted to you regardless of other bookings for the total tenure you reserved for.

office space for rent in bangalore

Private Cabin

When you rent a cabin exclusively for your staff or meeting in a coworking office space, it is referred as private cabin rentals.

office space for rent in bangalore

Plug-and-Play Offices

When you rent an office fully furnished with all the facilities you need to work, it is called a plug and play office. Plug and play offices are also popular as serviced offices for rent in Bangalore

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Traditional Office Spaces

When you rent an office building exclusively for your company or staff, it is called a traditional office space. Here, you have complete freedom without sharing the office with other brands, companies or professionals. can help you to find out the right office space availabale for rent/ lease in Bangalore.

Facilities Available in Bangalore Office Spaces

In serviced office spaces, you are given many facilities in addition to your workspace. Depending on your choice of office, the office may or may not come with furnishings. We rounded up the total facilities typically available in Bangalore office spaces for rent

Internet and Wifi

Most Bangalore Office spaces offer high speed internet connection via Ethernet or WiFi. The office provides for your connectivity needs without fail. Unlike personal internet connection, the internet connection at the office is trustworthy.

Pantry and Kitchen

When you choose a coworking office to rent in Bengaluru, you also get a modular kitchen and fully furnished pantry. Serviced offices often come with oven, fridge, cutlery and options for tea/coffee within the office.

Ergonomic Chairs and Desks

If you choose a furnished office, you also get comfy desks and chairs in the office. Designed with a focus on long-term commitment, Bangalore Office Spaces provides excellent furnishing facilities.

Security and Mailbox

You don’t need to appoint your own security or mailbox, when you choose a top-rated office space for rent in Bangalore. Moreover, it is easy to setup business address with flexiboard when you book office space in India with us.

Storage and Safety Lockers

Apart from security, you will also have the opportunity to store your workspace paraphernalia at the office. Added with safety lockers for superlative storage, office space rental in Bengaluru is hassle-free.

Telephone and Video Conferencing

As most offices in Bangalore offers telecom connectivity, you will receive a new office number too. In addition, Bangalore being the urbane capital of India has advanced facilities too. With most office spaces for rent fitted with video conferencing abilities, you will face no communication difficulties in Bangalore.

Reception and Call Handling

Professional office space rentals in Bangalore offers a range of additional services such as Office Lobby or Reception. You don’t have to worry about appointing a receptionist to handle calls addressed to you, if you pick office space for rent in Bangalore.

Power Backup and Generator

Bangalore is renowned as the Electronic City owing to its limitless power supply. You can work in Bangalore office spaces without worrying about sudden powercuts as most offices come in-built with power backup or generators.

Heater and Air Conditioning

You don’t have to buy or install heaters, comfort coolers of AC as Bangalore serviced offices come with it!

Recreational Space

One of the deciding markers of an office space in India from international workspaces is the inclusion of recreational lounges and areas. If you’re specific about lounge areas, pick an office space with a garden terrace or super terrace!

Event Space, and Conference Rooms

From meeting rooms to cabins and event spaces, Bangalore offers the finest range of spacious offices. You can host a meet-up, seminar, class or conference without additional costs when you choose to rent an office in Bangalore.

To Rent or To Lease Furnished Office Spaces in Bangalore

While most people use ‘renting’ and ‘leasing’ interchangeably, both are distinct. Which is better for small businesses? What if you need long-term discounts on rentals? Explore what it means ‘to rent’ and ‘to lease’ furnished office spaces in Bangalore using strategic merits and demerits for each.

What is Leasing?

Leasing refers to the agreement signed by the lessee to the owner for using the property. When you lease a property, the tenure is fixed, typically 6 months and above. For example, if you are leasing an office space in Bangalore, the tenure will be the total time you’ve agreed to lease the property according to the leasing agreements.

Your rental agreement is not subject to changes and will expire as fixed when leasing. However, leasing is similar to being tied to a property as you cannot move out as and when you like before the leasing expiration.

Pros of Leasing Furnished Office Spaces in Bangalore

You don’t have to shift or find a new place until the expiration date

Unlike rental agreements, leasing contracts do not subject you to move out of the blue. Hence, you can have peace of mind.

You get total freedom in the Space you Rent

Unlike rental agreements, new rules and restrictions cannot be added to a leasing agreement except with the consent of both the parties.

You will not have to pay higher rent frequently

Unlike rental agreements, leasing agreement is fixed, so is the rent you pay, unless you mention otherwise.

Cons of Leasing Furnished Office Spaces in Bangalore

You are committing to a Long-Term Commitment

In a leasing agreement, you cannot give a short notice and move out until the end of the agreed tenure as it can entail legal liabilities.

You have to pay for the Maintenance

In a leasing agreement, you are renting out the asset of the owner and hence, take full responsibility to maintain it with due checks.

What is Renting?

Renting refers to hiring or letting a property to a tenant who uses the services or space in it. Renting office space in Bangalore translates as timely payments as rent for the property you’re renting for your office.

When you rent a property, you agree to rental payments by weekly/ monthly tenure. Both, you or the owner can change the agreement during the agreed period every month or week. Common changes seen in rental agreements are rental raise and maintenance demands. Every rental agreement expires at the end of the month

Pros of Renting Furnished Office Spaces in Bangalore

Freedom to Move Out Whenever you Wish

You don’t have to wait half a year for the lease to expire to make new plans.

Don’t have to Pay extra

Cut the maintenance costs when you choose to rent office spaces in Bangalore, where your total bill covers everything.

Cons of Renting Furnished Office Spaces in Bangalore

Can be suddenly Evicted

Unlike leasing agreements, tenants under the rental agreement can be evicted with a short notice of 30 days!

Rent is Subject to Raise

At the end of the end of each month, rent can be increased or other terms of the agreement an be changed.