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How to Buy the Perfect Office Space in India

How to Buy the Perfect Office Space in India

Leasing a commercial property in India is not child’s play. You must know the legal threshold of commercial properties inside-out to avoid scams. Our experts in the commercial real estate have compiled the complete checklist you need to buy the perfect office space in India.

How to Buy the Perfect Office Space in India

1.      Validity and Flexibility of the Office Space

When moving into a new office space in India, it is important to ensure the commercial property you’re leasing is actually credible. To do so, you must start investigating the contract or agreement from the Title. If your lease is titled ‘rental’ than coworking agreement in case of a shared office space, you might suffer losses in the future unless rectified.

2.      Total Costs and Lease

Another important factor that judges the success of your office space is whether it fits within your budget. Choose cost-efficient office space in India by choosing shared office spaces. Don’t forget to assess the staff salary and infrastructural investments you need in addition to commercial renting.

3.      Licenses of the Office Space in India

When dealing with a professional, you must always seek guarantees and licenses that prove their expertise. Actively seek previous jobs and licenses as a commercial real estate agent or of the property when confirming your office space to rent in Bangalore.

4.      Accessibility of the Office Space in Bangalore

Not all office spaces are open day and night for the clients. If you have a flexible schedule, ensure that you confirm and specify the same in the rental lease or commercial renting agreement separately. Else, there are chances the builder might demand surcharges or create issues in the future.

5.      Hidden Costs and Future Hikes

Most office space for rent in India are covered for 5-10 years. Ensure that the rent is not specified to hike in the said term. You must also clarify the term for renting the office space for ensuring smooth working thereafter.

6.      Factors that Void the Agreement

You must always clarify the factors that can make your agreement null. Every agent might have their own unique conditions and knowing them in detail can divert many hindrances in the future. Also ask specific instructions on noise levels and working hours with the agent or the developer.

7.      Long Term use of the Office Space for your Business

Finally ensure that the office is actually viable for your long term business. If office space for rent in Bangalore is too pricey, choose a fully furnished coworking office space to halve your costs!

Shared office spaces like ours are plug and play offices wherein you can start working right away without any ado.

Real Estate Experts Says …

How to Buy the Perfect Office Space in India

Read more on ways to buy office space in India here. Commercial renting in India requires planning and strategic efforts to make it a grand success. Listen to the experts on the laws you need to know before investing in an office space in India.

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